Moving Art into the Digital World

demon starling ico NeptuneBlood is a digital dilettante and dabbler interested in art, healthcare and personal development. He works with the linocut artist Billie Josef to bring her work to the digital world.

One of her prints has been made into a collection of NFTs on The original print “Thug Life” was exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2018 and sold out its full edition at £230 per print.

For an explanation of what NFTs are, go here.

The original print came from the idea of being accosted or mugged in a dingy car park by a gang of thugs. Starlings are not especially thuggish but they can be assertive and they are pretty threatening-looking in the print.

We have called the collection “Demon Starlings” to reflect the somewhat fantastic nature of the NFTs as the starlings float in space with the cars looking like AutoTardises, ready to take the tough guys to the edge of the Universe.